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Meet Byron

Area Expert and Connector

Byron is a strategist and connector with over 20 years of experience as a former active-duty Air Force
officer, a senior consultant, and now as a government civil servant. His broad range of experiences
reflect his core desires for constant learning and building relationships. Byron is a founding member of Project Everest, a strategy design and facilitation startu-up that connects strategic thinkers across a diverse network of security professionals.

With experience in strategy, plans, and operations across the Indo-Pacific region, and education from the U.S. Air Force Academy, their Command and Staff College, and their School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Byron is most fulfilled when his natural curiosity intersects with his professional pursuits. Currently, he is the Associate Division Chief of the Air Force Futures and Concepts Division, an organization charged with developing creative, military solutions for national security issues.

Irrespective of which complex challenges may arise from the spectrum of national competition, Byron believes empathy should pervade both interpersonal relationships and the security environment.

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