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Nelson "Bigfoot" Rouleau


Bigfoot is a risk-taking commander, leader, and designer focused on the future. His mission is two-fold: First, to lead and think far ahead of a rapidly changing world to ensure a competitive advantage. Second, to develop young curious minds capable of solving difficult national problems through a kaleidoscope of ideas and experiences. Over the course of his 25+ year Air Force career, he’s earned a reputation for illuminating solutions to long-standing institutional problems with entrenched positions. Bigfoot has also grown and matured a matrixed network of leaders and disruptive thinkers capable of leading and ensuring competitive advantage long into the future.

His research interests include issues related to grand strategy, competitive strategies, and design thinking. Convincing record of leading, teaching, mentoring, and an impressive background in U.S. national security and strategy. Strong education professional with a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) focused in Military Strategy from the USAF's premier School of Advanced Air and Space Studies; studied Design Thinking with the best in the business at Stanford University.


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